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From a Mold or Molded?

When I was a pre-teen, I was introduced to ceramics.  My sister-in-law’s mother had a ceramics shop in her garage with a kiln, and every so often, she would let me and Vivian (my sister-in-law’s sister) do ceramics.  One of the things we did was pour liquid into a form, let it set, then remove the mold, scrape off the seams, then it would be dried in the kiln.  After the drying, we could paint it however we wished.  And it was fun!  Vivian and I could pick the same exact object, and it would be unique only due to how we chose to paint our same exact object…  On the other hand, pottery is hand formed from a lump of clay, on a potter’s wheel.  The value of piece of pottery depends on the skill of the potter.

This comparison hit me while I was driving down the road.

How often as a Christian, do we consider ourselves “ceramic.”  You’re a bowl, I’m a bowl, he’s a bowl, she’s a bowl… we are just decorated differently.  But I think that we would be better served to think of ourselves as pottery.  Each one of us hand crafted with love and great skill by the Master Potter.  My value has nothing to do with your value.  Your value has nothing to do with mine.  Our value is solely dependent on the One who made us, and the fulfilling of the task we were created for.

Isaiah 64:8 (KJV) “But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand.”

Sometimes I find myself looking around at my co-workers.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing nurses.  Sometimes I find myself feeling bad that I can’t contribute what someone else does, and in the mentality of “I’m a ceramic mold” I find myself down and doubting my vocation.  When I remember that I am “pottery” I am able to place into perspective my calling, and just DO what I’m able to do.  My part is valuable.  Your part is valuable.
This realization of being pottery should also affect how I judge another.  I cannot hold someone to MY gifts and abilities, we are not poured out of the same mold.  We are each uniquely designed for God’s purposes.  Each one of us needs to be concerned with our own relationship with the potter and the tasks He has created for us specifically to fulfill.
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High School Field Trip

via Daily Prompt: Blush


There’s a rush to get on the bus.

Jostling and laughing, a few shouts.  The bus rumbles to life.  Diesel perfumes the air.

Amanda’s sweater is blush pink.  It matches her cheeks.  Cheeks made rosy by youth not cosmetics.

She sits on the slippery vinyl bench in the row with the “hump” to rest her feet on.  Primly she folds her hands in her lap and waits.  Will he sit by her?  She watches the door eagerly.

He appears in the doorway.  He looks her way.  Smiles.

She blushes prettily.  Her heart races.

He strides toward her.

Walks past her.

Sits on the last row with the jocks.

Her smiles falters.  She pales.  Embarrassed, she looks around.  Could anyone tell how high her hopes had been?  No one sees.  Everyone is talking and laughing and joking while she sits alone on a bus full of people.


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Some Things I’ve Learned in the ER (So Far)

In my few years in the ER, I’ve learned a few things.

  • don’t sleep on the train tracks
  • 68 year olds should not do cocaine
  • some people want to be miserable
  • true love does still exist
  • the will to live can be brutal
  • 2 minutes of CPR can wear you out
  • sometimes TPA works, sometimes it doesn’t
  • “elderly fall” = ticking time bomb
  • esophageal varices is an ugly way to die
  • the former drug addict with mouth sores may just need a hug and be told she’s beautiful
  • it’s ok to tell the patient’s spouse to call the children
  • just because someone is “being dramatic” doesn’t mean there isn’t something horribly wrong
  • never let an hypotensive GI bleed out of bed
  • always check to see if the patient who’s been in the ER awhile is diabetic
  • withdrawals ARE life threatening
  • sometimes the dementia patient who has been in the ER a few days waiting for long – term placement needs to go on a “field trip” outside
  • we don’t only take care of law-abiding citizens
  • firemen are awesome
  • a stretcher carrying a 350 lb man with a tech doing compressions rolled over ones toe will break said toe…
  • every shift I learn something new
  • it takes a team to care for the sick, and I’ve got the BEST one!