What can I even call this day? (Other than Wednesday)

So today was a “rest day” according to my couch to 5K app.  But, I will be working 2 12.5 hour shifts Thursday and Friday, and figured I better do the run/jog today.  Since the temps were much too cold for me to walk/jog outside, I knew I would be running on the treadmill at the YMCA.

Oh!  Turns out I looked at my app wrong on Monday.  It DID say 1:00:00… however, it was supposed to be 1 hr of CROSSTRAINING.  (I feel so much better about jog/running for 36 minutes now).

Unfortunately, my day did not go according to my plan.  My plan consisted of housecleaning, laundry, jog then home and start going through years worth of files and purging out unneeded paperwork then clean out and organize my desk.  You know, just BE at home.

I did manage to purge the filing cabinet (it took me 45 minutes), but I was actually looking for the title of the old truck I was scrapping.  I ended up in “town” to sign over the title and took the opportunity to visit the grand babies.  🙂  Then back to Pickens…  16 minutes from home, I stop for gas.  Now the internal struggle gets real.  “I’m so tired!  I really think I could nap.  NO!  You are going to the YMCA and you are running!  Besides, if you take a nap, you won’t be able to sleep and you have to get up EARLY tomorrow.”  I reluctantly drove past the road leading to home and continued on the road leading to the YMCA.

I walk/jogged most of the 15 minutes.   I even took a pic.  See?


Yeah… the flash did that.  I PROMISE this pic is the screen of the treadmill.

I took the opportunity to do a few arm exercises.  Not a lot.  But enough to feel a tad tender.  I greeted a woman wearing a “Keep calm and get your trauma on” t-shirt, spoke a few words about our respective jobs and then headed home.

I managed to get some laundry done, make dinner, make homemade apple cider and do the dishes.  I FEEL very unproductive when I look around at what still needs to be done, but all in all I did get a lot of things accomplished–they just weren’t necessarily all that was on my list or done in the order I had intended.

But did I do SOMETHING to help me toward my goal?  Yes.  Did I do SOMETHING I had been putting off for years?  Yes.  Did I get to snuggle my grandsons?  Yes.  Did I start my day in praise and thanks?  Yes.  Did I end my day realizing that what I did today was worthwhile and beneficial, and that I had been beating myself up for no good reason–YES.  I can sleep well tonight.




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