A Few Favorites

Driving home from work Sunday night, one of my favorite things happened.  The train was running through downtown Easley, a moving wall of metal which can give you a bit of a start when it’s dark out, but nonetheless results in all green lights for through traffic.  Yesss!  This made me think of other random favorite things:

  • the smell of freshly washed laundry
  • blank notebooks and a sharp pencil
  • new calendars
  • humorous poetry (aka silly rhymes)
  • laughing for no apparent reason for an inappropriate amount of time with friends
  • the feel of a baby asleep on your chest
  • bacon
  • a real, honest-to-goodness, in the mail, note from a friend
  • sitting in my spotless house (so yeah, RARE) in my favorite chair reading a book and sipping tea
  • the sound of wind rushing through the trees
  • the little ripples in the pool
  • when something strikes me funny when I’m out by myself and try sharing it with a stranger who doesn’t get it AT ALL
  • deep conversations with strangers on planes
  • making homemade soup
  • eating homemade soup
  • Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie dough
  • organized drawers
  • randomly bumping into a friend while running errands
  • silence
  • the smell of books
  • the ocean and all that goes with it:  sand, surf, salt, seagulls, sounds of conversations, sun glistening off the water, shells
  • walking barefoot in the rain

The list could be longer, but you get the idea.  What are a few of your favorite things?

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