It’s almost 3pm. I’m feeling a teensy bit irritated because since noon I’ve been on a “clear liquid diet”  which is code for water, basically. Human nature being what it is, I (of course) want food. French dip sandwich? Yes, please. Bowl of ice cream? Sure!

Surgery tomorrow. It’s interesting to be on the patient end of this process. The hospital set up a pre-surgery class on what was going to happen, the do’s and dont’s, etc… Of particular interest to me was the blurb on cleaning. They give you a bar of antibacterial soap and tell you to start using it 3 days before surgery. Then they give you a packet of hibiclens to use the night before and the morning of surgery.  This decreases your chance of contracting an infection. Sounds reasonable. Makes me wonder why I’ve had post-surgical patients come in to the ER who are covered in filth? It is a mystery. I guess human nature again.

I’m not nervous, just ready to get this done so I can come home again and grit my teeth through the healing process. Pain meds (narcotics) and I don’t get along.

My friend, Sweet T, gave me some great encouraging words when I cried a little on Saturday due to my concerns for my husband while I’m recovering. This is a surgery that needs to be done, so trust that Ray will have the strength to take care of me and himself and don’t let the devil have any inroads in my life to make me worry. Gotta have FAITH.

Meanwhile, I’ll have faith that I won’t be too cranky to my dear ones as I suffer these hunger pains.

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