Yesterday I went to the funeral of a man from our church.  He was 86.  I listened to his family talk about him and it reminded me of my own father’s funeral and what was said about him.  I was challenged at this man’s funeral, as I was at my own Dad’s funeral to do something and be something that really isn’t “me.”

It was said that this man would check up on each one of his family members.  He was interested in their lives.  Not just the big things, but the little things.  If he knew his granddaughter needed an oil change, he’d call later in the week and ask if she got the oil change, where at, how much?  It reminded me of my Dad, how he would call and see how we were doing, ask about each one of the boys and listen to our concerns.  He didn’t butt in, but he made himself available to talk and give counsel.  We knew he cared because he showed he cared.

Yesterday I was reminded that I had said at my Dad’s funeral that I wanted to be that to my family, I wanted to check on them and let them know they were loved.  I do love my family.  I am interested in their daily lives.  But how are they going to know it if I don’t show it?  I’ve got to show up, be present.  Step out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not promised to us.  What can I do today to be PRESENT in my family’s, in my friends’, in my fellow church member’s lives?  One day, it’s going to be my funeral.  Will my loved ones know how much I really loved them?  How much I cared?

To my family, who will know what this means… “and… I love you!”

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