Chapter 5: Missing Persons

The detective approached him after their eyes met. He wished he could stand as good manners dictated, but he was pretty sure his ankle would not be cooperating. The pain was pounding at him and he fought down nausea.

“Hello. I’m Detective Davis.” Her serious gray eyes look directly into his, assessing.

“Jim Stewart. Sorry I can’t stand.” He waved toward his ankle.

Her lips twitched just a bit and he answered with a small smile of his own. Perhaps she was a classic movie fan.

“No worries. Let me get your info then EMS can get you to the hospital. I’ll follow up with you later.”

“Thanks, I’d appreciate that.” He gave her his personal info and she nodded to the paramedics waiting to get him on the stretcher.

Not the way he’d planned his day to go. But really, who planned to break an ankle while tripping over a corpse on the beach? He tried to avoid thinking about her. It. If he thought of it as “it” would it combat the horror threatening to overwhelm him?

O Lord, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Give wisdom to those investigating this case. Comfort the family.


Elizabeth watched as EMS wheeled Stewart to the ambulance. She pushed down the sympathy trying to well up. Get your head in the game, Davis.” She muttered.

“Boss. We okay to pack the victim up?” She nodded. Sighed. Turning, she looked out to sea one last time, searching the horizon for the Navy ship she’d seen earlier. She noted a cargo ship further out and briefly wondered what a career as a merchant sailor would be like. Wishful thinking. Her mind wandered back to the jogger. I wonder what he does for a living? Argh. Stop it! Focus.

What did she know about the victim? She was young. Elizabeth frowned then punched numbers into her cellphone.

“Any missing persons reports match the description of our victim?”

She listened, nodded. “Thanks. I’ll follow up.” So many missing children!

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