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via Daily Prompt: Elastic

Elastic is one of those inventions that you don’t know how much you appreciate until it’s gone (ahem).

I could learn a lot from elastic.

It’s humble and doesn’t grumble about the “things” it’s asked to hold up.

It stretches without getting bent out of shape.

It gives.

It supports.

It makes others look good.

Yes, I could learn a lot from elastic.


Wife, mom, grandmama and registered nurse. I love the Lord, and I want to use my abilities to honor Him. There's a lot going on in my brain, and it always helps me to write it out. I love to encourage others, and hope that these scribblings will do just that (as well as motivate me...).

One thought on “Elastic

  1. Your brain amazes me where it wanders. This reminds me of a shirt that I think sits in both our shirt drawers saying: “Not all who wander are lost “… hmm, maybe that’s the title of my next post.


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